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Middle Western- New project with W.E.W, The Kid, Coop, and Stevie D! 

On October 24, I'll be taking part in the unveiling of a new band, based in eastern Iowa (though containing two familiar Chicagoans!) This is a project that's been talked about for quite a while, and we did a handful of shows with 4/5s of the new line-up. Those of you who may have caught shows in Burlington, Ia, Des Moines or at Camp Euforia a few years back, got an idea of what Middle Western will sound like, but we are now, officially, up and running! Our debut show with everyone onboard, will be October 24, in Tiffin, Ia, as part of a day of music put on by Michigan's Founder's Brewery, and headlined by Anders Osborne.

Middle Western will consist of: William Elliot Whitmore (guitar and vocals;) David Zollo (keyboards, vocals;) Stephen "The Kid" Howard (electric guitars, bass guitar;) Stevie Doyle (electric guitars, bass guitar;) Brian Cooper (drums, percussion.) You can find information about the 10/24 festival in Tiffin on Facebook, or you can email us here at this web site and we'll get you details!

River Signals Podcast! 

A few weeks ago, I made the acquaintance of three young men from Oregon who were taking a small, paddlewheel boat down the Mississippi River. And I mean ALL The Way down the river, starting in the Twin Cities, and finishing in New Orleans. Along the way, they are recording musicians they meet and incorporating those performances and the players themselves, in to a fictional narrative that stretches along like the river they're riding! It's a great idea, and it's being very well executed by the guys. Meeting them was a real inspiration and I'm proud to have taken part in this unique, interesting project. Here's a link to Episode 9, which incorporates my performance, which we recorded in Rock Island, Il, on the banks of that great body of water!

Please take a moment to check out this episode; if you like it half as much as I did, you'll be inspired to go back and listen to the the others. This kind of artful project deserves the support of anyone who considers themselves a lover of art and the American artistic experience! Also, my good friend, William Elliot Whitmore (about whom I will be writing another post shortly) did an episode at their next stop, in Keokuk, Ia, near where he lives! I'm very much looking forward to hearing that episode, too!


Sunday The Body Electric will be performing as part of Waukee's Sundays in Centennial Park concert series, starting at 6:30 p.m! We've been enjoying another busy summer with a lot of fun shows. Thanks to everyone that's made it out to one of them; make sure to say hello next time you come out!


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  • Photo Credit: Zak Neumann
    Photo Credit: Zak Neumann
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    @krui89.7fm Local Tunes
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Back in Rock Island, we laid in the grass of a waterfront park and listened as @davidzollo played an incredible set. We'll be putting out the session soon!
    #Repost @theriversignal with @repostapp. ・・・ Back in Rock Island, we laid in the grass of a waterfront park and listened as @davidzollo played an incredible set. We'll be putting out the session soon!
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Here we go! #Brianfest
    #Repost @sarahcretz with @repostapp. ・・・ Here we go! #Brianfest
  • Bunker Mill Bridge
    Bunker Mill Bridge
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Tomorrow night Iowa City!
    #Repost @brianjohannesen with @repostapp. @themilliowacity ・・・ Tomorrow night Iowa City!
Here's a link to David's appearance on Yale Cohn's "Talking With..." program.


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